Rakkh, Palampur

A precious thread is life,
Oft tangled in a mesh of strife,
It is yours only to unravel,
To free yourself of the gavel,
To catch the will-o’-the-wisp,
To breathe in the morning crisp,
The seconds will ever be fleeting upon the bezel,
Maybe on our journies someday,
Twain paths shall meet upon the gravel.

The name Rakkh is possibly derived from a native phrase that means ‘kept by the Gods’ or ‘protected by the Gods’. And indeed, if you cast your gaze to the encircling horizon, you’d be inclined to agree. The towering grandeur of the Dhauladhar ranges on one side and the verdant Kangra valley on the other silently affirms the feeling of being enveloped in a warm embrace of wellness. Not so long ago, perched as it is atop the village of Rakkh, this place was graced by a single loyal villager-caretaker who inhabited the only cottage that existed amongst a lush deodar forest. Till a son of the soil returned to his roots with the vision and energy to put this sleepy hamlet on the boutique travel map. And with this love, nurture and the village’s support, the Rakkh Resort was born.

The philosophy of Rakkh is simple. Unplug, uncomplicate, unwind. Once here, you’ll be smart to abandon your smartphone, clever to divorce the idiot-box,  unlap the lap-top and clear the table of your tablet. Instead, you’ll want to soak up the genuine warmth of real Himachali hospitalty. Breathing in the crisp mountain air, you’ll automatically re-wire yourself to connect meaningfully with your family, friends old and new and the charming locals. You’ll want to contribute to the very intense chatter of the very talkative resident birds, exchange pleasantries with the utterly busy looking quartet of ducks and their adopted goose, and allow Tina and Talli, the omni-present guardian canines, to literally lead you up the garden path.

Throughout your entire stay, with Rakkh as your peaceful, luxurious base, you’ll explore unique facets of the Real Himachal. On top of the in-house spa and wellness salon, morning Yoga session with experts, scintillating local Himachali ‘Dhaam’ (feast) along with appetizing cuisines from around the world, you have the options of meandering trail walks, trekking, biking, hiking, para-gliding, tea-picking, museum and temple hopping, pottery, immersive village visits, day excursions to Dharmshala and McLeodganj and a host of other engaging activities. You can be the rabbit. You can be the tortoise. At Rakkh, they both win.

Relax in boutique luxury.
Recharge in tranquility.
Reconnect with all that really matters.


To make a broad generalization, none of us are Hillarys, Norgays or mountain goats (our apologies and deepest bows to the exceptions). Thus we are not obliged to behave like marauding armies and scamper up hill-sides and plant a tired flag atop summits. And we surely don’t need to pockmark our itinerary like an over-abused dartboard. At Rakkh, the rabbit, the tortoise, the mountain goat and the Marco Polo can co-exist, thrive and exchange exciting notes over beverages after each wholesome day. There’s a lot to do and experience for everyone. Do you have the time to do it all?

Cycling, trekking, walks, mountain trails, paragliding.

gunehar village and the art there, how Pahari paintings are now actuall Kangra paintings only, the local music and dance form, the Himachali homes and the river streams and the food – local himchali food and the Dham, pottery

The history of Nora Richards village and how it lies barren today, museums, temples, monastery, Dalai Lama, Buddhism.

Bird watching, local flora and fauna, photography, Yoga.


  • Nearest Railway Stn – Pathankot,110 Kms, 3 hrs drive
  • Nearest Airports -Gaggal, 34 Kms, 1 hrs drive
  • Dharamshala- 30 Kms, 40 min drive
  • Amritsar- 230 Kms, 4.5 hrs
  • Manali- 200 Kms, 6 hrs
  • Delhi- 480 Kms, 9 hrs

Hill Cottages


Mountain Cottages


Mountain Biking


Climbing Wall


Pottery Workshop

Himachali Hand Loom

Traditional Himachali Culinary Workshop



Out of the world place …. Specially the concept

I stayed for two nights with my family. What impressed me the most is its concept envisaged by the Owner who happens to be a Resort Consultant himself. So he knows what to deliver.
Superb location, superb hospitality specially by the GM Mr. Kahlon. Also at the Restaurant by Mr. Sunny. He was literally at your beck and call. One must visit the place to actually feel it. I am a regular traveller both for work and pleasure. So I hope I shall not disappoint you by referring.

Perfect place to rejuvenate yourself @ “RAKKH”

“A wonderful, awesome and memorable trip with colleagues. had a great time there. Its a nature bliss… Amazing Himachali food especially the khatta meat.. welcoming and cheerful staff.. perfect hospitality… Resort hosted rock climbing, yoga, night trekking, cycling etc.”