Coco Lagoon

Green- the colour of life, the hue of nature, the shade of energy, the cast of harmony and freshness. All that is soothing, pristine and pure invokes the imagery of an interplay of myriad shades of green. Pearly dew-drops, rolling mists, fresh rain, a crisp breeze, the smell of wet earth… you can’t imagine these without the complement of tender leaves, rolling meadows, rich forests, swaying trees, soft carpets of grass under your feet.

This incredible painting that is forming in your mind’s eye is the canvas that is Pollachi, or Pozhil Vaichi- the land of prosperity, a quaint little town on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. And nestled in these incredible brushstrokes of nature, stands the Great Mount Resorts’ Coco Lagoon, the finest nature retreat in South India. With bespoke luxury, a unique weave of modernity and tradition, world famous wellness and rejuvenation therapies, personalized attention to every facet of a guest’s comfort, carefully curated culinary experiences and a host of fulfilling excursions and activities in and around the resort, Coco Lagoon epitomises all that the great, ancient  South Indian culture stands for.

Seldom does a destination encapsulate so many facets of wholesomeness at once.  Apart from being enveloped in world-class luxury amidst exquisite surroundings, you will find yourself seamlessly and immersively gliding through a day in an authentic South Indian village with all it’s activities, or learning to pluck ‘two leaves and a bud’ in a tea plantation, to understanding the ancient art-forms of traditional dances and martial arts, to trekking through dense forests and deciphering calls and birdsong, onto witnessing spectacular wildlife in vast primal environs, being privy to the age-old art of cotton farming and weaving, opening yourself up to spiritual and inner enlightenment, and then lying back to let experienced therapists apply their time-honoured skills to thoroughly rejuvenate you. This list can go on, but space is limited. What you can be sure of is that your time at Coco Lagoon will find a top shelf in your memory palace.

“Take time for the clearance of the mind, preparing for adherence to perseverance for the journey of another thousand miles”- Curtis Tyrone Jones.

Red Coral welcomes you to Great Mount Resorts’ Coco Lagoon, Pollachi.


  • Nearest Railway Stn – Coimbature, 51 Kms, 1.5 hrs drive
  • Nearest Airport -Coimbature, 65 Kms, 1.6 hrs drive
  • Valparai- 70 Kms, 2 hrs
  • Ooty- 160 Kms, 4 hrs drive
  • Kunnur- 200 Kms, 4.5 hrs
  • Madurai -229 Kms, 4.5 hrs
  • Cochin-162 Kms, 3.5 hrs
  • Munnar-119 Kms, 3 hrs
  • Kodaikanal- 140 Kms, 3.5 hrs

Executive Deluxe Rooms- 20 | Royal Suite – 5 | Presidential Suite- 5 | Premier Garden Villa – 1 | Pool Villa- 1


Handloom Tour

Tea Tour


Bird Watching

Palm Jaggery Tour

Temple of Consciousness


“…A wonderful welcome and a great location for travellers”

We had an excellent stay here after having to change our planned programme in Kerala due to the recent floods.
The hotel was in an ideal location for those travelling, and offered quiet and well appointed facilities; much needed respite from the hours of driving.
We enjoyed the chefs special extra treats, and the team ensured a great stay. Thank you to all.

LizClarke_12 (
Gloucester, United Kingdom

“…It’s a lovely Resort”

Lovey place, scenic setting, friendly staff, delicious food, clean rooms, safe and our 2 boys had a great time. Very nice gentleman in the ‘games room’ – really entertained the kids. Its a business hotel as well but that did not interfere with us at all. Would recommend it for sure.

rumpleslitskin (
Santiago, Chile

“…This hotel + staff + food = good times & happiness”

Beautifully designed and well maintained property … we were 8 of us and were celebrating a 83rd birthday … the staff and the chef went out of their way to make it memorable for us. The pool villa was a separate treat by itself ..
the spa Vaidya sutra was very good. Special mention for masseurs Deepty and Maya … excellent.

basak, New Delhi(


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