Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Pawprints and pugmarks, the rustling leaves,
The crack of dawn upon the slanting eaves,
Great flights and little hops, unbridled and unchained,
The greatest painting, as ever was ordained,
The rhythm of creation, thriving with life,
A vision in harmony, bereft of strife,
The laws of the jungle, nature’s chime,
Take a moment’s pause, let lives entwine.

Harmony –  pure and elemental. This describes best all that Singinawa Jungle Lodge stands for. For it is much more than an oasis of boutique luxury in the jungles of Kanha, it is a concept in conservation and saving a fragile eco-system. It is neither owned nor run by people looking to shower wasteful opulence upon it’s guests, unmindful of the resources it taps. In fact, the core team that drives the ethos of this lodge are well travelled and well studied naturalists and conservationists. So even while offering world class accommodations and amenities, replete with remarkable service standards, Singinawa Jungle Lodge remains true to it’s guiding philosophy of being ‘Protectors of the Sacred Forests’. This award winning eco-lodge, sprawled over 110 pristine acres of the Kanha Forest Reserve, is committed to give more back to nature than what it receives from it through the Singinawa Conservation Foundation.

Your stay here will be remarkably curated, unforgettably rewarding and ecologically fulfilling. Immersive safaris, informative walks, leisurely sojourns on the riverbanks, therapeutic wellness treatments, eye-opening interactions and activities in the resident villages and delectable cuisines are all topped off with perfect customizations to suit your inclinations. Kanha is one of the richest havens of flora and fauna in India, and with Singinawa’s unparalleled team of expert naturalists, your experience of jungle life will be one to be cherished.

An ode to the timeless rhythm of creation and life, Singinawa exists in perfect harmony with the land upon which it stands. Nature will endure, we are all just briefly passing by. So pause a moment in that journey, and transient though it’ll be, leave a footprint for yourself to remember, that for a little while, Nature and you were one.

Red Coral welcomes you to the Singinawa Jungle Lodge.


  • Nearest Railway Stn – Jabalpur,200 Kms, 4 hrs drive
  • Nearest Airports
    > Jabalpur, 200 Kms, 4 hrs drive
    > Raipur, 200 Kms, 4 hrs drive
    > Nagpur, 280 Kms, 5 hrs drive
  • Pench National Park, 200 Kms, 3.5 hrs drive 
  • Satpura National Park, 350 Kms, 8 hrs drive. 
  • Bandhavgarh National Park , 250 Kms, 5.5  hrs drive

Singinawa Cottage


2 Bedroom Wilderness Bungalow


4 Bedroom Perch Bungalow


Jeep Safari

Jungle through the Six Senses

Paghdandi Bicycle Trips

The Tannaur Treat

The Meadow Spa


Better than Excellent

Spent three nights here at the end of a memorable trip to India. Couldn’t have asked for more. The Lodge is an oasis of peace, calm and lovely people. Service immaculate and thoughtful; food, prepared with the western palate in mind, delicious…

This wonderful lodge deserves it top rankings

“We travelled as a family group with four children aged 15, 14, 11 and 4. We were slightly nervous about travelling to India but we had the trip of a lifetime and our time at Singinawa was the highlight. The staff were fantastic and Kriti and Ghanshyam made us feel so welcome, taking the children to their hearts and making sure that everything was perfect for us. “