Forsyth Lodge, Satpura

The jungles of Satpura are alive with their own rhythm. From a vantage point it’s horizons are speckled with the busy flights of birds above the dense foliage, and under it the ground, the clearings and the streams snaking through it are brimming with the daily activities of it’s usual suspects- a plethora of species of wild cats, deer, bears  and numerous other mammals, reptiles and birds.

And in the middle of this great canvas of nature, stands the Forsyth Lodge. As a friend of the wilderness, the Forsyth Lodge is witness to great jungle stories and daily new adventures. A profound sense of oneness with nature and it’s deeply embedded mantra of conservation and community building makes this inspiring jungle retreat the highest rated getaway of the Satpura expanse.

Every day of your stay at Forsyth will bring with it a thrilling chapter from the action packed book of jungle life. The mundane will be quickly forgotten, for you will be greeted by the raw and the real. Accompanied by the tremendous team of  resident naturalists and guides, daylight hours will be filled with intense safaris of varying time-spans and distances, invigorating walks and treks, wondrous new learnings about plant and animal life in their primal habitat through some uniquely devised initiatives, enriching interactions and activities in the local villages and basking by the river banks sipping on a cuppa. And the evenings will come alive with the stories you’d want to share with your fellow adventurers over some fortifying beverages. Finally, with your appetite suitably whetted for more, and having partaken of a delicious evening meal, you’ll retreat to your well appointed, functionally luxurious, utterly eco-friendly lodging for the night, all the time wondering what the surrounding jungle is upto now. Because in a few hours, with the crack of a new dawn, you’ll be reliving the traces of all the night-time action that you missed. But you won’t really miss it, for you’ll be making your own stories won’t you?

Red Coral welcomes you to the Forsyth Lodge, Satpura.


  • Nearest Railway Stn – Bhopal, 135 Kms, 3.5 hrs drive 
  • Nearest Airports
    > Bhopal ,140 Kms , 3.5 hrs drive
    > Nagpur, 300 Kms, 6.5 hrs drive



Cottages with Machaan


Pachmarhi Trailer

Standing sentinel to the surrounding lowlands, the Pachmarhi Plateau has mesmerized travellers for eons. Millions of years of erosion have sculpted a wildly beautiful mountain landscape – a verdant home to endemic plants and birds, elusive mammals, a diverse group of butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians and reptiles, the most magical scenery and clement climate. Steeped in legend and mythology, it is the sole hill station in India that remains virtually unchanged. It is, perhaps, exactly how James Forsyth saw it as a nineteen year old boy.

Forsyth Trail

In the forest, time stands still. Bewitched by the sylvan treasure of the Pachmarhi hills, Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancer wandered along this path in the 1850s. We walk in his footsteps over 150 years later, awed by the same natural beauty that captivated him. Tread the same passage that led him through stunning landscapes and rare forest wealth on his way to the discovery of Pachmarhi – the virgin hill station of Central India.

Buffer Zone Camping

Resting on the banks of the Denwa River, the JamaniDev campsite is an ideal place to tuck in after a long day of adventure. It starts with an adrenaline-pumping Dusk Safari in the buffer zone – a rare opportunity to witness creatures of the night. A local forest guide and our naturalist help you spot owls, wild cats, bears, civets, etc. If you’re lucky, you may meet the world’s smallest wildcat – the Rusty-spotted Cat.

Jr.Rangers Programme

Good instincts aside, knowledge and experience can take you a long way as an explorer of the wild. At Forsyth, we offer an interactive course that teaches you the ways of the jungle. Conducted by our experienced naturalists, this certified course will help you learn the craft of exploration, enriching your future adventures. Spend two hours a day with our naturalists and see the wilderness come to life.

Churna Full Day Safari

Churna lies at the heart of Satpura Tiger Reserve, in the depths of the wilderness. The area is more of a flatland and is home to a mix of broad leaved forest and grasslands – a great terrain for herbivores like Gaur, Chital, Nilgai and Sambar. Minimal and ascetic, Churna Guest House offers an unadulterated taste of wild India. You can choose to stop here for a lunch break between safaris or opt to stay overnight.


“…If there were 6-stars I’d give them to this lodge”

This was our 3rd national park lodge on this trip to India and by far the best in every aspect. The enthusiasm, dedication, attention to detail and knowledge of all the team were superb. Outside dining / pre-dinner drinks provide an excellent atmosphere to relax in. Our room (so much more than just a room!) had a “roof terrace” area with bed to watch the local wildlife parade past us without disturbing it. The facilities are superb and set within an acreage that makes it feel part of the jungle without being intrusive upon it.
You can see and feel the commitment to customer service throughout the lodge without feeling pressured or pestered. The food was excellent and catered to western palates without losing too much of its local nature and even the packed breakfasts were superb, taken while watching elephants (working) at a ranger station or overlooking a hidden gem of a rocky outcrop playing “spot the croc”!
The naturalists aren’t just passionate about tigers / leopards but to all the species of the area, even spiders/butterflies etc. Leaving felt very emotional after a three-night stay and as if we were leaving family. We’d go back if we could.

Debbie W (
Cambridge, United Kingdom

“…Memories of a lifetime”

We went there expecting a regular Jungle lodge with the regular Jungle experience. We came back with so much more. All the naturalists with their thorough knowledge were a delight to be with for adults as well as kids.
Memories of a lifetime – “Watching the stars” in the night with Sae explaining the constellations is my elder daughter’s favorite memory. My little one is still in awe of the bear we sighted. The Boat ride and the Dusk drive is something we will always remember. Thank you Animesh for that and for enriching us with names of trees and birds. 
Managed impeccably while keeping the atmosphere warm and welcoming with awesome meals and conversation is no mean feat to accomplish.
Deepankar, Sheryl and your awesome team – A heartfelt Thank you and we’d love to come back again.

Garima (


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