Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, Tadoba

The very air here has tales to tell, so
Breathe in deep,
Do the golden beams of the Sun as well, so,
Let the verdancy seep.
The day in it’s wild splendour shall grow,
Let your faith leap.
The wondrous seeds that the forest shall sow,
Your eager mind shall reap,
Refreshed soul in tired body shall verily know,
That the thrill into the night shall creep,
You will leave your heart behind as you go,
Aware of a bond that’s formed deep.

The most beautiful sound to wake up to is the music of birdsong. The most blissful sight to wake up to is the visual symphony of a wild, green expanse embracing the great azure above, studded with sparkles of lapping water and a shimmering tree line. And really, the best smells to wake up to are the wafting aromas of a delicious, lip-smacking breakfast in the works. This is just the beginning of an exciting, adventure-packed and fulfilling day at the Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge in the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.

At the edge of the scenic Maasal lake, a treasure trove of exotic winged beauties, as a marvel of eco-friendly architecture, BFSL stands as your luxurious gateway to 1773 sq kms of nature’s splendour that is the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Conscientious luxury is the hallmark, responsible tourism the ethos, championing conservation and nurturing community partnerships the mantra for the motivated team behind BFSL, who proudly wear the badge of being ‘Greenovators’. Their resident naturalists will breathe life into your excursions into the wild (be it on foot, bicycle or safari jeeps) with stunning insights, stories and knowledge, while the immaculately trained staff will add that sparkle to your stay by delivering remarkable service standards. Jungle life will seem far more comfortable than it ever is in the beautifully appointed villas and chalets, replete with customised culinary attentions and delicious gourmet cuisines. Relaxed bird-watching, idle star gazing, some well-deserved wellness rejuvenation, a bit of impulsive shopping at the nature store, immersive community building and forest replenishing activities… the possibilities abound, the wilderness beckons.

“The jungle looked back at them with a vastness, a breathing moss-and-leaf silence, with a billion diamond and emerald insect eyes” – Ray Bradbury.

Red Coral welcomes you to the Bamboo Safari Forest Lodge, Tadoba.


  • Nearest Railway Stn – Nagpur,100 Kms, 1.5 hrs drive
  • Nearest Airports -Nagpur, 100 Kms, 1.5 hrs drive
  • Pench National Park, 157 Kms, 3.5 hrs drive



Bird Watching

The Safari

Nature Walk

Star Gazing

Young Naturalists


Taruveda Store



We have been to many 5* hotels in Asia and around the world, and the Bamboo Forest matches up to, and in many ways exceeds the standards of those.
The attention to detail, the personal interactions with guests to ensure that every need is met is excellent.

Outstanding Staff are the Jewel in the Crown of this fantastic getaway!

“Stayed here for 3 nights in November for a short trip to Tadoba. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of accommodation and the property itself. Large, well appointed, luxurious rooms with an outside seating area and two bathrooms! (a huge plus when you have to wake up at 5ish for the morning safari).”