Abbotsford, Nainital

Sing me a song,
Of a land o’er the yon,
where time, shrouded in mist,
whispers, here I might belong.

A little nook in the woods that time left unmolested. Even for 145 years. While the rest of the town has marched on and bowed to the dictates of commerce, burgeoning populations and livelihoods, this proud little estate still stands as a sentinel of a bygone era, a relic of simpler, pristine times.

When you enter the gates of Abbotsford, Prasada Bhawan, Nainital, you’ll know what we mean. When you step into the house, your heart might skip back a century even as your brain chides you for being silly. With the charming setting of a 19th century period drama all around, you can’t help but slowly seep into a character from that age.

21st century Nainital is bustling, frenzied and noisy. And yet Abbotsford has been standing for a century and a half, exuding the same old world warmth, charm and elegance. Right from when it was built in 1876 by an Englishman called John Hope Simpson, Esquire of the Indian Civil Service in the erstwhile United Province of Agra and Oudh, through 1903 when it was taken over by the Prasadas, till now, when the fourth generation of the family have re-imagined the place as an exquisite boutique destination.

Awaiting you at the original Abbotsford House, the quaint Wordsworth Cottage and the newly opened Apsley House are beautifully appointed rooms and suites, impeccable service, the best culinary experience in Nainital, utterly rewarding heritage walks, treks and birding tours curated by experts, a slice of grassroots Uttarakhand – it’s life, art and culture and above all, the goose-bumpy feeling of reliving history.

Give yourself a break, and experience the real Nainital in a way only a select few can.
Red Coral welcomes you to Abbotsford, Prasada Bhawan, Nainital.


  • Nearest Railway Stn – Kathgodam ,35 Kms, 50 min drive
  • Nearest Airport -Pantnagar ,71 Kms , 2 hrs drive
  • Nainital Mall Road, 2 Kms, 15 min walk
  • Corbett National Park , 60 Kms, 1.5 hrs drive
  • Delhi Airport- 300 Kms, 6.5 hrs drive

Abbotsford Home

Apsley Home

Wordsworth Cottage



Abbotsford’s culinary experiences take you on a gastronomical ride through the local Kumaoni delicacies to the family recipes from erswhile Oudh. Come eat with us under the stars, around a bonfire or deep in the forest for a cookout.


Abbotsford’s team of naturalists, authors, social workers, take you on these magical walks curated closely to keep you in sync with nature and the wild. Those looking for heritage from the days of the Raj, there are trails that take you to homes of Jim Corbett and the Governor’s house – a miniature of the Windsor Castle.


Abbotsford is a patron for literature, music & Arts in the region. From curating Himalayan Echoes – The Kumaon Festival of Literature & Arts, music festivals and landscape painting experiences, we take you on a cultural tour of the region.


Abbostfrod and areas around it are perfect for landscape painting. The scenery changes color and form as the seasons come by. A treat retreat for artists looking for the perfect Rhododendron or the imposing Himalayas.


Nainital is the summer capital of the North with an imposing lake that was discovered by the English on their may treks to discover the land of the Gods. It is the highest altitude sailing lake in Asia.


Abbotsford is tucked away in the quiet part of Naiital from where the Bird Santury begins! Walk throught he forests and spot the Khaleej Pheasant, barking deer or the leopard if you’re lucky!


An Outstanding Charming Heritage property

I don’t post reviews often, but I feel it would be unfair not to review one of the most surreal experiences I have had, that left me mesmerised and spellbound. I chanced upon Abbotsford as the booking was done by my Brother-in-law for the long 2nd October holiday, and boy was I glad.


Splendid and Charming English lodge – Only for ones with exclusive taste and class

“We are a family of 3, and stayed at Wordsworth Suite from 13th – 16th June.
To start from the beginning, we were expecting this lodge to be like any other cottage/ hotel. However, it beats all our expectations.”