We commissioned Philippa to research and develop our new India offering and gave her a brief to come up with the very best India had to offer in experiential travel. She pulled in her formidable contacts and utilized all of her very extensive knowledge and freely and openly put it all at our disposal. Her passion and enthusiasm for the country was deeply infectious and we were delighted with the results and our India programme has gone from strength to strength – in no small part due to her fantastic work in building the foundations.

Sam Clarke, Managing Director / Experience Travel Group

Gwen has been managing the social media marketing for Living Heritage Koslanda since February 2017. This was the first time we had gone down the route of hiring someone to take on this aspect of the company and we have been really impressed with the results so far. Her background in bespoke luxury travel, as well as her 5 years living and working in Sri Lanka, means that she has a perfect insight into what our property is all about. Something I don’t feel a standard social media marketing agency would be able to grasp. She produces consistently stylish content for our social media channels, which has really captured the feel of our resort. I am amazed that even with a small niche property she is able to come up with unique and original content every day.
Gwen has optimised our online content, created a blog for our website, and project managed the creation and content writing of a new website. Through these social media efforts we have been able to collaborate this year with some excellent travel bloggers and social media influencers who have stayed and reviewed our property and collaborated with us on some excellent social media campaigns. All of this has really widened our audience reach.
Gwen also runs our Facebook Ad campaigns and creates traditional marketing materials such as power point presentations and advertising material for the travel trade. Ultimately the success of any marketing campaign lies in increased bookings and we have certainly seen an upturn in direct bookings to our hotel. This can certainly be contributed largely to the social media activities conducted by Gwen.

Lucy Adams, Owner / Living Heritage Koslanda, Sri Lanka

Meg’s personal knowledge of Indian hotels certainly goes beyond anyone I’ve ever met. She’s able to write about not just a property, but a location, in a way that makes you want to book a trip there right away. Always executed with flair and excellent attention to detail in editing, her words will make you want to visit India.

Hugh Graham-Watson, Managing Director / The Hotel Guru

I have worked with Philippa since she first started as a south India specialist in 1997. We worked together when she was setting up Partnership Travel and then again when she moved to set up Ampersand Travel Ltd. She has always showed great enthusiasm for the country and professionalism when dealing with everyone from hoteliers to DMC’s to her clients. She has an inherent understanding of India and how it works and with the great relationships that she has built up with all her suppliers and her never ending list of contacts, plus having lived in the country for eleven years and her ability to think ‘outside the box’ when planning itineraries and tailoring them to her clients specific requirements, we knew that she was the ideal person to consult when setting up Globe Travel Centre. She assisted us in itinerary planning and also writing and helped us have product differentiation throughout our portfolio of itineraries. She is enthusiastic, good fun, professional and knows India better than most. I would have no hesitation in recommending Philippa to anyone who needs a consultant for assisting with their India product.

Vinesh Vidhya / Globe Travel Centre

Philippa has been a regular source of advice to Real Holidays over a long period of time, writing professional material for our brochures and website, constructing itineraries for our India Portfolio, and providing a creative marketing input at various stages of our development. She has delivered all of the above ahead of schedule, with fluency and professionalism, and has been consistently good value. Philippa is someone Real Holidays would always choose to call on for an expert opinion.

Philip Davies, Owner / Real Holidays Travel Agency

Philippa is one of those rare people… passionately involved and connects deeply. Above all to be in an industry promoting India, she is a true Indophile – a country that at times bewilders her, as it does us all, yet she loves India passionately enough to seek answers and resolves any angst with heavy doses of her own brand of humor. She has time and again turned us into a heap of tears and laughter begging her to stop while recounting some of her first encounters with India.

I have known her through her years of living in Kanha, Delhi and Jaipur, witnessed her compassionate handling of the people working with her and how she strives to understand their situations and always helps them through their various issues. To say that she is widely travelled in India and knows India like her home, maybe even better, would be an understatement. But it is not just the road miles she has covered. Her knowledge of India is powerful as it comes with an intense understanding of its people and culture, a sense of respect coupled with awe and a wish to understand and live it. I think, given half a chance she would rather live back here as she is truly someone who has had many lives and relationships with India.

Shoba Mohan / Founder and Director of Rare India

Gwen was responsible for organising my seamless trip to Sri Lanka. She is organised, efficient and professional.
Gwen considered my preferences, requests and needs, introducing me to services and hoteliers that were all excellent. I unhesitatingly recommend her.

Gillian McLaren Travel Writer / South Africa

Philippa Kaye (PK) is one of those rare persons highly valued but unfortunately in the endangered list. She works with a passion and her eye for detail is a nightmare for the managers of my hotels. Nothing but the best is her motto and she always views things from a very discerning guest’s point of view.

PK can be listed as one of the few overseas specialists that has an amazing understanding of the country, together with an in-depth knowledge of the destination and all that it has on offer.

George Dominic Owner / CGH EARTH

Meg writes with the Queen’s English – it’s always a pleasure to work with her. I am sure others will also sense her positivity in a world that spends its energy pointing out flaws

Aman Nath, Chairman / Neemrana Hotels

Being in the tourism Industry for years we have met and worked with numerous individuals. Some you remember, most you forget but couple leave their impact. When I think of passion, someone who is meticulously professional, candid, genuine and no pretentions, one name which instantly comes to me is, Gwen! I have known her personally for more than 16 years. Thinking of it now, back then she would devise, plan routes, itineraries and product which were just extraordinary, the so called out-of-the-box of today! The time when most of the tour operators were busy churning Golden Triangles plus something. She would delicately handcraft each of the sojourns and ensure it is executed to perfection. It was great learning and knowledge sharing working with her as an Indian DMC and in her role as overseas tour operator based in the UK, Real Holidays. She transcends the obvious. Her love for undiluted tourism is amazing and infectious. True to her beliefs, Gwen adds an excellent value to any project from setting it up to developing it into well oiled system. She loves and knows India and Srilanka like back of her hand. We as an boutique DMC would always seek her advise and believe in a product she would endorse such is the trust on her capabilities.

Alok Singh, Founder / Enriching Journeys

Our go-to writer for Indian properties, Meg has shown sound judgement when it comes to assessing boutique hotels for inclusion in our hand-picked collection of stylish hotels and hip hideaways. We have been impressed by her quick understanding of our criteria, is prompt in delivering her hotel reviews, fast and flexible in response to our requirements, and is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to travelling to hotels, meeting hoteliers and working through the best solutions to any issues which may arise.

Nadine Mellor, Hotel Editor / I-escape

Philippa’s knowledge about the sub continent is equivalent to reading a book complete with twists and turns and a plot filled with anecdotes, incidents and life as we Indians live it. This all can only be achieved once you have lived in this country as an ordinary citizen & been able to touch the hearts of fellow beings around you.

Such knowledge no book can give and no tales can tell, this comes only by becoming & accepting India as one.

Philippa has achieved this rare feat and therefore her firm grip on subject & sea of knowledge about India as a sales person makes it into a brilliant albeit effortless pitch.

Rajat Gera - Director of Sales & Marketing / Travel Trade The Leela Palace New Delhi