our mission

Produce the healthiest food that nature can grow

We believe in managing our farms differently, focusing on soil and plant health to reduce costs, improve fruit quality and productivity by:

  • Reducing agro-chemical inputs
  • Enhancing photosynthesis, nutrient cycling, efficient water use
  • Diversifying species in the system

Deliver a positive impact on our environment

We fix the ecosystems on our farms by:

  • Capturing as much CO2 as possible through photosynthesis
  • Reinventing our production, packaging and delivery processes to minimize energy use and carbon emissions

Inspire change across the food industry

We offer a scalable and attractive model to fix ecosystems on a global scale by:

  • ­Generating competitive returns
  • Reviewing customer strategy to achieve the true value of a  fruit (customer base, branding and communication)
  • Sharing information about our processes and outcomes (agronomic, financial and beyond)