Toor whole is also known as pigeon pea and is savoured for its light taste. Ametheus Commodities (P) Ltd. exports superior quality toor dal that is available at most competitive prices and various packaging. Toor whole comes in number of varieties; Ametheus Commodities (P) Ltd. offers Lemon, Sagaing, Linkhay, Red&White and Mahlaing Shwephalar varieties. You can order any of these varieties as per the requirement and we can get it sourced either from Myanmar or Malawi.

Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility/20 FT FCL
Toor whole(Lemon, Sagaing, Linkhay, Red & White,Mahlaing Shwephalar ) Foreign Matter 1% Max,
Weevilled 2.5% Max,
Broken 2% Max,
Damage 3% Max
Myanmar, Malawi As per Customer Requirement 20-24 MT

Myanmar & Malawi